Lee Corey Oswald

Jan 2

Tour Update

We fucking pardee’d all over the norh east. We sold some records. We improved our people skills. We figured out how to tune in between songs. We wrote silly things in bathrooms. We bought Christmas presents at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly. We smoked literally one ounce of weed. We watched the Hangover II in our van. We smoked a bunch of cigarettes. We sold some west coast weed to strangers. We had a strong presence on Instagram. And best of all we reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. Also, Three Man Cannon is the best band out right now so we suggest you listen to them. Their side of our split is way better than our side… One love bro. See you next tour.

Jun 15

Jun 9


HEY FRIENDS! So it sucks that we are needing to resort to this, but we REALLY need help to get out to Austin, TX to meet our friends Luther so we can begin our tour. We are driving there and we’re all young, silly, and broke. If you could donate just a couple dollars, we could put it towards our gas fund and get the hell out there. ANYTHING helps! Being a touring musician is hard wahhh http://savescagnetti.chipin.com/gas-money-for-tour


May 25

New songs live! Intense skateboard intro! Party vibes! Cool budz! PLEASE SHARE!

Apr 28


Hey everyone. We have been hearing a few rumors floating around about our band and we would like to address them. We want to vehemently stress that our band does not at ALL condone any form of sexism or chauvinistic behavior and attitudes. In fact, we will actively condemn that kind of conduct when we see it happening in our communities or at any shows. I can’t believe I have to write this, but NO ONE in our band has ever sexually assaulted ANYONE. An allegation like that is very serious and we want to squash it immediately. If anyone has gotten any sort of “bro” vibe from us, we are truly sorry. We do not view ourselves as “bros” and absolutely despise male dominance. That also goes to say that we will always be continuing to improve ourselves as friends, lovers, and just overall people. If anyone has felt marginalized by something that we have said or done we welcome you to reach out and tell us how you feel. We would love to open a dialogue surrounding any of these issues, because they are very important issues. We are by no means perfect, so if we hurt your feelings we need to be held accountable. We want nothing more than to support, respect, and understand our communities and hope our friends and anyone who listens to our music feels the same way. We actively believe in not being intimidating, marginalizing, offensive, racist, homophobic, or chauvinistic and will continue to work on practicing these beliefs. We are aware that actions speak louder than words and will definitely observe any rumors as objectively as we can. Thanks a whole lot for reading this and PLEASE feel free to respond. If you would like to contact us in private you can send an email to coreyc2c@yahoo.com and we will all read it and respond together. ♥

Apr 26


We have finished five new tracks for our split 12” with ________ and it’s gonna be on _______ records! So stoked! Should be out this summer! Also, if you look REALLY hard, you can find the unmastered tracks somewhere on the internet….

Jan 22

We are still alive!

Heyyyy we are totes still alive. Corey has just been touring with The Menzingers for a while. We are writing new material and hoping to put out a full length by the summer. Shows and albums details soon!

Dec 27


from december 14th till december 23rd i was on tour with lee corey oswald, bloodman, and mr. tom may! it was the best! every show they played was a blast and we met so many amazing new friends. i am so grateful everywhere we went there was so many welcoming, generous and friendly people that made sure we had a place to sleep and food to eat. i couldn’t be happier spending 10 days on the road with any other group of gentlemen.

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